For my day job, I to go in the front matter of people's books.

I self-published my collection of short stories, , in March 2021, and my short fiction has appeared in several places, including publications by and , the indie press that I also volunteer at and help run.

Between these things, I straddle different parts of the publishing world - I see it from the lens of an editor and publisher, a freelance artist, a self-published author, and a traditionally published author. I know a bit about everything in publishing, and I'm hoping to share some of my perspective.

Find me on , or check out .


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Dewi Hargreaves 🏹

Dewi Hargreaves 🏹

I draw maps of places that don’t exist ✨ I write about publishing ✨ words in Noctivagant, Lost Boys, Etherea Magazine✨ editor at Lost Boys Press.