Valheim is One of The Most Beautiful Games Ever Made, and Here’s Why

Examples of this game’s timeless beauty

Dewi Hargreaves 🏹
5 min readAug 30, 2022


I have a few points to make, but you need to see this game first.


Let me tell you about a typical day in Valheim. (Through screenshots, of course.)

It began with a moment of contemplation in the early morning — lingering in the hall I built, piece by piece, as I planned out the day’s work.

We needed more copper to make metal equipment and the copper lay in the Black Forest, across the ocean.

I crossed our farmstead in a glorious golden sunrise, heading towards the boathouse where we kept our karve — not the biggest ship in the game, but better than a raft at least.

The water was still and the crossing went smoothly and quickly — I docked at our little stead on the edge of the Black Forest, which we’d carved out with bronze axes (and the killing of many greydwarfs, the local baddies) a few days before.

I set out on foot in search of metal deposits I could dig up and haul back to the storage hole on my ship, ready to bring home. The weather was beautiful at first…

But soon turned dark and stormy. (And I love how you can really feel the dampness in this picture. It just looks so sodden.)

It was going dark too. I had my metal, and I didn’t fancy spending a night alone in the forest, so I hopped on my ship and cast off.



Dewi Hargreaves 🏹

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